Why Frak?

There are already dozens of projects around for Creators, mainly for musical artists. But none of them bring what Frak Protocol offers:

  • A unique Defi protocol based on the content usage to invent an innovative and incremental way to monetize content, based on the content usage as underlying data.

  • A total decentralization of economic rewards, but also a decentralization of the governance of the ecosystem. Token holders can decide the level of revenue sharing with Creators with no minimum nor maximum. They can choose the economic models to access content (subscription, free, advertising, one-time payment, gamification...). They can also choose the features to be developed. But above all, they can profit from all the benefits offered by the platform. All of this is impossible with social tokens platforms or music NFTs marketplaces.

  • No go to market phase: Frak has already revenue and this revenue is shared with Creators.

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