Meet the Fraktions

One Derivative for both Creator and Users

The Fraktions are content derivative based on the consumption of the content as underlying data. In other words, the Fraktions are financial products whose profitability depends on the usage of a given content. Then, with Fraktion comes the new notion of active income as opposed to most products and investments that yield passive income.

When you buy a share of Google, you can expect the increase of the share price or to get paid with some dividend. But those potential revenue don't depend on you, your skills or your actions. They are passive.

Otherwise, the Frak Protocol invented a dynamic APY that is directly impacted by the usage of the Fraktion's holder but also all the referees to whom he has shared the related content, and in a lesser proportion, also from the rest of the community.

The following chapter will detailed all the algorithms behind the Frak Protocol.

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