Referral Pool

Two kind of referrals have been developed.

1/ The classic one where a referrer and a referee are rewarded when the referee registers and creates a wallet in Frak.

2/A far more sophisticated and rewarding one with which the referrer shares a given content to his/her referees and will be rewarded for every earnings made by the creator, at any referral level.

Reward for a new Wallet Creation

For every wallet created by a referee, the referrer and the referee’s wallets are credited with FRK50 each. The users can find in the app a personal code (the user_id) that they can share very simply with their friends.

Every time a new user signs in, fills in the referrer’s personal code and creates a wallet in FRK, both wallets received the FRK50.

n-Level Reward by sharing a Content

When users share a content to their contacts, they create some value for the content. Therefore, Frak offers them to capture a share of this value because they act as a distributor/reseller.

Use Case : Share purchase

Thus, the Creator earns a net revenue equal to :

Use Case : Earnings thanks to the consumption


Thus, the Creator earns :

General Formula

The share of earnings given to all the referrers :

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