The gravity coefficient

A coefficient used in the calculations of the earning model is tied to each Creator's account : the Creator Badge. The evolution of the Content Badge depends on the gravity coefficient γk\gamma_k​.

The gravity coefficient of a given content kk is a function with two variables : Δk\Delta_k​and Ωk\Omega_k​.


Percentage of minted Fraktions out of the the total number of the supply


Relative Growth of the consumption of the content kk


γk=Δk×Ωk\gamma_k=\Delta_k \times \Omega_k

For a given week ww, the gravity coefficient is calculated as below:

γk(w)=Δk(w)×Ωk(w)\gamma_k(w)=\Delta_k(w) \times \Omega_k(w)

Percentage of minted Fraktions Δk\Delta_k

Δk(w)\Delta_k(w) is calculated like below:

Δj(w)=k=1w1ρj(k)k=1w1σj(k)\Delta_j(w) =\cfrac{\sum_{k=1}^{w-1}\rho_{j}(k)}{\sum_{k=1}^{w-1}\sigma_{j}(k)}


  • σ(k) \sigma(k)​: number of Fraktions of content jj supplied during week kk

  • ρj(k)\rho_j(k): the number of Fraktions of content jjalready minted at week ​kk

If k=1w1ρj(k)=0\sum_{k=1}^{w-1}\rho_{j}(k)=0 or k=1w1σj(k)\sum_{k=1}^{w-1}\sigma_{j}(k)=0 then Δj(w)=1\Delta_j(w)=1.

Δj(1)=1\Delta_j(1) =1

Growth of the consumption Ωk\Omega_k

Ωk\Omega_k is the relative growth of the number of CCUCCU, ie the ratio between the growth (positive or negative) of units of content consumed last week divided by the total number of units of content consumed from the beginning:

Ωj(w)=1+ΔCCUjk=1w1CCUj(k)=1+CCUj(w1)CCUj(w2)k=1w1CCUj(k)\Omega_j(w)=1+\cfrac{\Delta CCU_{j}}{\sum_{k=1}^{w-1} CCU_{j}(k)}=1+\cfrac{CCU_{j}(w-1)-CCU_{j}(w-2)}{\sum_{k=1}^{w-1} CCU_{j}(k)}

with CCUj(w)CCU_j(w), number of Consumed Content Units (Number of minutes played for video and audio, Number of minutes read for text) of content jj during the week ww.

If CCUj(w2)=0CCU_j(w-2)=0 or CCUj(w1)=0CCU_j(w-1)=0 then Ωj=1\Omega_j=1

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