Who are we?

The founders

Virginie and Matt founded a company in the Creator Economy: Studiofy, a multi channel network, which becavme the biggest digital talent agency in France before being diverted to one of the biggest global Multi-Channel Network (Studio71). Before that, Matt cofounded two other companies: Makever, one of the biggest producers of series and films in France sold to a leading European production group, and Linkee, a nonprofit platform to redistribute unsold food to charities.

Three years ago, Virginie and Matt cofounded their second venture together, Sybel, an podcast platform. They brought their experience in the Creator economy to podcasters and help them reap their fair share of financial benefits Sybel has more than 50k subscribers and has already distributed $3M to Creators in less than a year .

During the summer 21, by creating an algorithm and a smart contract in order to split the royalties between every creators, Virginie and Matt thought about an Defi Protocol enabling all stakeholders of a content to get paid fairly : Creators and Users. It was the embryon of Frak.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give Creators the rightful place they deserve in society. The value must be shared equally between those who create, those who fund and those who consume Content. By empowering all these people to govern and to be rewarded for the value they create, whether that be through work, investment or engagement, Frak Protocol uses Blockchain technology as the ideal way to make that happen.

Our Mission

Admittedly, we are only at the beginning. What we are developing with our technology is has much broader implications. We are building a real revolution. And we mean it in the same exact sense as it was once employed for the Industrial Revolution. In less than 10 years, we will enable all workers to own their working tool by building an equitable redistribution system between investors, workers and users. Thanks to our technology, we’re able to track any interaction and compensate people at their fair value. Imagine a world where Creators’ earnings are directly connected to the consumption of their work, in a transparent way. Imagine a world where Creators share a part of those earnings directly with their community. Imagine a fair and sustainable world, where the value goes to those who help create it rather than intermediaries. This world is called The Frak Ecosystem.

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