Token Generator Factor

The sustainability of the Tokenomics

In order to create a sustainable economy and increase the value of the $SYBL, it will always be more and more difficult to mint new token. Then earnings depends on the TPUTPU, the Token Per Unit. TPUTPUis a logarithmical function depending on the number already minted. It is recalculated every month depending on the number of tokens already minted.

TPU(m)TPU(m)for the month m is calculated like below:

TPU(m)=TPU(m1)×(1TotalMintedTotalSupply)TPU(m)=TPU(m-1)\times \bigg( 1-\cfrac{Total \, Minted}{Total\,Supply}\bigg)

​with :

TPU(m1)TPU(m-1): Token Per Unit for the month m-1

TotalMintedTotal \, Minted: the number of tokens already minted at the time of calculation

TotalSupplyTotal\,Supply: the number of tokens supplied for the community 1.5.1091.5 \,. \,10^9


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