Fraktion Price Index Formula

The Current Price (CP) of a fraction a Content i with a rarity j is recalculated every week depending on γk\gamma_k :

CPij(w)=Max((γj)2×CPij(w1),0.8×CPij(0)) CP_{ij}(w)=Max \bigg(\, (\gamma_j)^2 \times CP_{ij}(w-1), \, 0.8\times CP_{ij}(0)\bigg)

ww: current week γj(w)\gamma_j(w): gravity coefficient

Creators can choose to supply their fraction at once or within a defined period of time. The Current Price is always at the moment of the minting.

The Current Price is always at the time of the minting. If a Fraktion is supply at week ww but minted at week w+2w+2, the price will be CPij(w+2)CP_{ij}(w+2).

If the number of Fraktions minted is equal to the number of fractions supplied, THEN the price depends only on the consumption.

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