Fraktion Supplier

This function allows to fix automatically every week the new supply of fraktions for a given content and a given profitability

Free Fraktion

Free Fraktion are minted only once when a user is consuming the content for the first time. There is no supply before the minting.

Initial Supply

The number of Fraktions for the initial drop is the same for every content : Date 0

ProfitabilityInitial DropInitial Price



FRK 90



FRK 500



FRK 1200



FRK 3000

New Supply

Every week (Date 0 + 7 days), we check for every profitability if all the fraktions have been sold.

Case 1 : If all the fraktions haven’t been sold

No more fraktion are supplied

The price of the fraktions that haven’t been minted yet is recalculated depending on the algorithm decribed here.

Case 2 : All the fraktions have been sold

New fraktions are supplied.

The number of new fraktions nwn_w supplied depends on :

  • the number of fraktions minted during the former week

  • the velocity at which the fraktions were minted

nwn_w is in the range of 80% and 200% of the number of fraktions minted the last week, ρw1\rho_{w-1}.

Let tkt_k the timestamp when the fraktion kk is minted

Let t0t_0 the timestamp of the last weekly anniversary (when the new fraktions were supposed to be supplied the last week). t0=t168t_0=t-168.

t0t_0 and tkt_k are set in hour

nw=mw1×(80%+(200%80%)×μw1)n_w=m_{w-1}\times\bigg(80\%+(200\%-80\%)\times \mu_{w-1} \bigg)



Example :

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